The specific purpose of the Corporation is to provide education to underserved children ages 11-17 on global citizenship, volunteerism, tourism and educational travel opportunities.

We will:

Provide education to the participants on tourism, volunteerism/service work, global citizenship, cultural diversity and about different cities or countries via assignments, literature and/or physical participation.

Provide participants with travel passports when traveling abroad.

Provide participants educational opportunities to travel within the United States and abroad.

Participants will write a blog/leaflet/or some form of literature to distribute to the community to highlight information about their travel experiences to include where they traveled to, information about that city or country, on tourism, volunteerism/service work, cultural diversity, global citizenship, etc.

If you would like more information about the program, would like to support our cause, volunteer or be a participant please contact us at 619-832-6179, or complete an online contact form.