If you would like to help our cause you can! 

We are requesting for you to partner with us with a tax deductible charitable giving donation to help us with classroom materials, passports, travel, food and accommodation expenses for the participants. We have no paid staff and all services are happily volunteered. With your charitable giving donation just know that you will be helping the world as a whole as these children are our future leaders and you will have the opportunity to positively impact the mission of Young Globe Trotters Project!

Right now we are in Phase I of operations.  We are fundraising to cover the following costs which totals $1990.00:

(1) passports for 10 children participants which is $135 per passport (total cost $1350.00),

(2) livescan/fingerprint clearances for 4 adult volunteers which is $100 per adult (total cost $400.00), and

(3) snacks and supplies for 6 classroom sessions which is $40 per session (total cost $240.00).

As you know, the world is richly connected.  We want to move in an era in where our children, our future leaders become global citizens "ambassadors".  This means that they have an understanding of how the world works, that they respect not only themselves but others that are different than them, that they participate to better not only their communities but to better communities throughout the world, they take responsibility for their actions, etc. This in return allows young people to be flexible, creative and proactive.  It helps them become better problem solvers, decision makers, think critically, communicate effectively and work well in teams or groups.  These skills are needed in the world today to be successful.   We ensure this by teaching them and allowing them opportunities to explore worldly responsibilities, gaining cultural awareness, learning about different environments and understanding the global economy.  They do this by not just learning in a classroom but by actually traveling outside of their communities whether its within the United States or abroad to different countries.  In addition, travel also broadens the mind, gives different perspectives on life, allows you to be open to various ways of life, gives a person more ambition, drive and expands their language and communication skills, interests and their purpose.  Therefore, it is critical that these children obtain passports.  As this is the first step in being able to travel abroad.

Thank you in advance:

I want to personally thank you in advance for taking the time to read about our cause and for your support. It definitely takes a whole team to create the change we want to see in this world. We want to positively make an impact on these children. Let's do this together, one child at a time! Please help spread the word and share our website with others.